Welcome to ChiangMai

Welcome address Dr. Sunsanee Rajchagool Chair-person: Local Organizing Committee

Dear ISFR members and colleagues with interest in  Fluoride research!

As we might be well aware, about one hundred millions of people, by a conservative estimate, suffer from fluorosis, all dental, skeletal and non-skeletal. The main cause of the problem of this magnitude is the fluoride contamination in water for organic consumption. This question has been a matter of serious concern among affected populations and among us, the fluoride researchers. 

We, the organizer of this Conference, hope that this 32rd ISFR Conference will serve as a worldwide forum of researchers and people fighting fluorosis for the three principle aims:

1.To exchange ideas and to acquire new knowledge to applied in solving the problem of fluorosis.
2.To learn the success as much as failure of efforts in fighting fluorosis.
3. To heighten awareness of the effect of overdoses of fluoride intake.

In addition to the serious nature of the conference, we would like you to visit our delightful and memorable Chiang Mai. We hope that Chiang Mai will be a wonderful treat for you.

Last but not least, please let me put myself on behalf of the people who suffer, and those of coming generation who will suffer, from fluorosis of any kind, take this opportunity to invite you all to participate in this Conference and let’s share the spirit of fighting fluorosis together.

Sunsanee Rajchagool

Local Organizing Committee